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Pricing for Swimming Pools

Without doubt the most frequently asked question put to us is how much does a swimming pool cost? The cost of your pool will depend on many factors. Most of which are not readily apparent. We have tried using an online form in the past with little success. In our view the process of Bespoke Swimming Design and Construction in too complex and personal to be handled by a web form. Which is why we prefer to arrange a meeting to discuss and cost your requirements and a FREE SITE SURVEY. This is absolutely free of charge as is the phone call to arrange the meeting. 07931 913706

We are not middle men, we never use any contractors and we promise not to hound you or pass your details on to any third parties.

We have listed some of the pricing factors involved (see below)

  • Type of construction - In-ground, Above-Ground etc
  • Size of the Pool
  • Volume of the Pool
  • Type a finish - Tiles, Marbelite etc
  • Access to the site
  • Parking restrictions
  • Paving around pool
  • Coping stones
  • Swimming pool cover - Automatic, Manual etc
  • Enclosure required?

Extra Features.

Additional features such as waterfalls, etc are nice to have in your pool, but will cost extra for the contractor to provide. Be sure to ask about the costs of these extra features you require when asking for a quote.


We will advise your what the different types of chemicals available before you decide which is the best to use to keep your pool clean. However, chemicals alone can cost around £?? per month depending on the size of your pool.

Swimming Pool Maintenance.

In order to keep your pool looking at it’s best, sometimes maintenance is needed. Vinyl and concrete linings usually need to be refreshed every 5 years, while plaster can last up to ten or fifteen years. There are also a number of new products that claim to last a lifetime, so it is best to check the alternatives with usyou first get your pool installed.


There is always equipment necessary when you have a pool. This is whether you decide to opt for the top of the range cleaners, or stick to the basics. Storing the equipment properly, and the chemistry of the water can effect the durability of your equipment.

Energy Costs

Lighting / Heating. Electricity bills for both lighting and heating your pool can add up. There are an ever increasing number of products coming onto the market in the quest for a low energy pool or even a no enegy pool. Some of which work and some of which are best avoided.

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